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Throughout her career, Tremayne has worked across a broad cross section of mediums including: film, TV, interactive music video and radio broadcast.    

Drawn towards live performance and theatre, Tremayne has revised material ranging from Chekov to Shakespeare, Anthony Minghella to Ingmar Bergman, Stephen Poliakoff to Melissa Bubnic, to Duncan Macmillan.



Tremayne’s recent projects include starring in a teaser-trailer for Scottish Television’s ‘Inside the Crime Scene’, along with cameos in 'Holby City,’ and an upcoming Netflix series, starring Guy Pearce. 

Trained in the ‘Meisner Technique’ under the direction of Scott Williams of The Impulse Company, Tremayne has also taken courses at The Method Studio in Acting for the Camera, and Acting with ‘The Method.’  

She continues to hone her craft in Acting at the actors centre, including ad-hoc one-on-one sessions with Laurence Mitchell, that help her explore the given set of circumstances of different characters, as well as language. She also attends a mix of courses and workshops at the actors guild.


Tremayne’s vocal training has included an Advanced Workshop for Professional Singers at the City Lit, and another at Goldsmiths College – University of London in Gospel, Jazz & Soul vocals.

Tremayne received her dance training at The Elizabeth Chamberlain School of Dance in Derbyshire where she grew up. She is currently training in Contemporary Jazz at Pineapple Studios with music video choreographer and teacher, Karen Estabrook. 


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The Eyes of My Mother (2017)

"An original horror-fable, a slasher pic with whisperings of high-art sensibility"


Frank and Lola (2017)

"An authentic psychosexual film noir, depicting the dark side of love"


Capturing Dance on Screen: A Conversation with Our Last Tango Writer and Director German Kral


Dunkirk (2017)

"Mix of acute apprehension, impending danger, followed by suspicion and yet, a cautious optimism"


Honouring Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING: A Conversation with Work & Play Director Matt Wells


Predator (2017)

"Bear witness once again to its unprecedented success, altering the dynamics of Hollywood blockbusters for generations"


Self Tape 2017, (trimmed)

Synopsis: This is Margaret’s first self tape. She is more of a classical actress, and resents having to produce one. Philip is the cameraman/director and Margaret’s friend. He has little knowledge of using a camera. They have both been drinking, and slowly Margaret begins to lose her patience with him.

Starring: Tremayne Miller (Margaret), Scott Mullins (Philip).

Inside The Crime Scene reconstruction trailer

A crime story surrounding her death. Lana Clarkson rose to prominence during the 80's in several sword-and-sorcery films but in February 2003 was found dead inside the home of record producer Phil Spector. Spector was charged and convicted for second degree murder in April 13, 2009.

Starring Tremayne (Lana Clarkson), Paul Vigrass (Phil Spector).

Nigel Levy (dir).  

False Impressions Final Cut (trimmed)

In the absence of what completed a couple, they are torn apart.

Starring: Tremayne Miller.

"Griselda" - side story strand on Holby City

Holby City, Series 19: 42. Baggage, dir. Tracey Rooney. 

Filmed across 9 and 10 May, 2017.

 Aired 25 Jul, 2017.

(Starring: Tremayne Miller as Griselda).

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